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Saturday, 11 March 2006

For a change ...

This last month has been eventful in many senses. The latest happenings are mostly work-related: after running a two-day course for some of our freelancers in February and after attending a three-day seminar (Finance in Business, which was tough but interesting and factually useful), I had to prepare a strategic presentation for our business department, which was successful and rewarded me with a promotion: I have been offered a position as Publishing Editor! It is a secondment, therefore temporary, but a good opportunity to be involved in the core business of my publishing house. So, I won't be a Senior Editor any longer--no more copyediting, proofreading and work on the physical book; from next week (!), I will be dealing with commissioning & assessment of new publishing proposals; market researches & analysis of the competitive landscape; budgeting & cost management; recruitment of new authors, etc. I am truly excited because it will be a nice change and the kind of job I really wanted to do—at least at this point in life; the one I have studied for at my Publishing Master of Arts. I have always pointed out that I would rather work for an art or academic publishing house, and I still think this, but you sometimes have to get on with life and accept what life chooses for you. Also, my company has welcome me when I was still a student and always treated me well, which is as important as the work in itself. I consider in fact the work environment vital for a happy career.

On the social front it has been way too quiet, so quiet that I am really missing my friends now! After a pleasant day spent with Elisa, the only night I went out since was last Saturday when I met up with some girlfriends at the Langley’s in Covent Garden to amaze Amanda with a surprise dinner for her 30s. We went here: a lovely French restaurant lit with discreet lights and offering fine food. I ordered ostrich, which I sampled for the first time (it is tender and strong flavoured), and had lavender sorbet as a dessert—very aromatic and delicate!

Finally, on Thursday I met up with Lofty’s historical friends (and my acquired friends) at a Moroccan bar near Baker Street where I tasted a romantic Moroccan rose cocktail. I walked down from the bus station passing by a ballet shop where I stopped for a browse. I was about to buy a creamy tutu, similar to this*, but I called a halt, simply for lack of time… Yes, a tutu. No, I am not a ballet dancer. Inspired by the lovely tulle skirt by Pinko that I saw in a shop with my mum last month and which was prohibitive, I simply wanted to convert the tutu into a layered skirt to wear with boots and a plain jumper.

At home, too tired to work on my blog, I have been spending my evenings watching telly and packing (we are preparing ourselves to the big move even though contracts have not been exchanged yet) and dedicated some time to the vision of some films such as The Downfall, starring Bruno Ganz (Der Himmel Ueber Berlin by Wim Wenders), Buffalo 66 (review to come), Krampack (other review to come), and the Corpse Bride (review to follow). The other day Lofty surprised me by coming back home with three DVDs: the Oscar winning Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Wallace and Gromit Collection (brilliant!) and the Corpse Bride indeed.

My last goal for this month is moving to the new house. From there, with a new job, two weddings, Easter holidays in Italy and my mum coming to visit for over two weeks, another big adventure will commence.

*©03 Ohhh... and the 8th of March was not only Women's Day (happy belated Women's day to every lady), but also Lofty's & my anniversary: four years since our first encounter... I have a photo of that night: we were at the Monarch in Camden Town, and my friend Vanessa took a picture of us, which is now hanging on the wall of our lounge as a memento amori. :o )

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