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Monday, 6 March 2006

Fashion at the London Fashion Weekend

After my last two purchases I got on sale (see pictures below), I went to the London Fashion Weekend with the good intention of limiting myself to some healthy window shopping.
Indian-style leather boots, shown here in sand colour (mine are white). 100% wool jumper by Cacharel, in green, turquoise and dark brown stripes with a bow collar and wide puffy sleeves--a "modern cut", as my aunt defined it.
Hosted on a marquee next to the National History Museum, the venue was full of temptations, but all in all the exhibition was quite disappointing. It looked in fact more a commercial market than an event celebrating fashion, with the spirit of a bargain fair without the charm of a flee market. Even if established designers, such as Alice Temperley, Ronit Zilkha*, Luella*, La Petite Salope, Ghost, Juicy Couture figured out amongst other emergent designers, the less representative items of their styles were displayed. I am sure that an acute eye would have detected some great item and make it a unique vintage piece. Personally, I was about to purchase a top by Ronit Zilkha, belonging to an old collection, associating English tweed to red silk, but I desisted at last. I found instead a lovely passport case in electric purple/blue by Johnny Loves Rosie (see below) and I got a bag full of surprise jewellery for a mere 10 quid, mixing pretty necklaces &, of course, crap brooches. I also got enchanted by the gothic/punk/aristocratic style of Mawi jewellery collection (see an example below), which, even discounted, was out of my reach. In one of my past posts, I have listed three fashion websites which are as much glam as expensive. At the fashion weekend, I discovered two more basic fashion websites (John Smedley and Cashu Cashmere) featuring plain merino and cashmere sweaters, priced between 50 and 80 quid (bargain!), for an understated and yet smart look, which can become funky and individual by overlapping and combining two or three jumpers of different colours together. Their softness, warmth, elegant line and vivid colours make them ideal with any kind of outfit. I find them particularly stylish with jeans for a minimal casual look or with tulle skirts for a contrasting ensemble. * TRIVIA 1: I own a fantastic silk top signed Ronit Zilkha. Alexander McQueen, defined by Superqueen as the enfant terrible of British fashion used to work as an intern at Zilkha's atelier and composed his collection for his final thesis at St Martin's School with the leftovers he found in her workshop. ** TRIVIA 2: I met Luella in my yoga centre the other day. She was there with her little baby, who is gorgeous: she is ginger haired was wearing a tweed jacket with patches on the elbows. How cool! :o ) I played with her a bit and her mum smiled at me.

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