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Friday, 12 February 2010

In Search of the Perfect Yoga Bag

I have been looking for the best yoga mat bag on offer, roomy enough to fit also my yoga gear as I am sick of running around with two bags constantly entangling one into another. An all-in-one bag would be the solution but it is just too hard to find. Here are a few that caught my eye but didn't steal my heart. My quest continues...

Orla Kiely retro looking bags look well refined and sturdy. This multicolour one is on offer for half price. Very tempting. 

This Yogoco bag has also a retro feel and it seems big enough to contain a towel as well as a mat. The garish print is cute, but I wonder if  it will bore me quickly.

Om Padma's yoga bag comes in hot pink or this lovely turquoise. It is rather slim but quite long that you could shuffle in a pair of pants and a tee.

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