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Friday, 12 February 2010

Arctic Winter

Woolrich is possibly the most popular parka in Italy, and it has been so for the last ten years. It has replaced the Barbour trend of the 90s and completely overshadowed the short-lived fashion trend of Belstaff motorcycle jackets. It has become so popular that Italy is its major distributor.

Its signature arctic parka with furry hood (it's coyote fur, if you were wondering) has been redesigned in all sorts of variants, but this jacket always manages to look faithful to itself. If the real fur bothers you as it is objectively not very ethical, you can choose many other styles without furry trims. Browse their 09/10 collection HERE. The fur and the duck filler are designed to keep you incredible warm. In these chilly days and with the worst cold I would happily slip in one of them.

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