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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Small is Beautiful :: NYC Box Apartments

I am a big fanatic of classics like Breakfast at Tiffany's, Une Femme est une Femme and Barefoot in the Park, which I watched for the first time at an early age. So, I can say that they shaped my taste for a quirky urban life and vivacious relationships. Yesterday, Steve and I watched Barefoot in the Park. it was the first time for him and the 10th time for me. For an ironic turn of the fate, we both agreed that their story speaks, to a certain extent, about our relationship and relative personalities {she is a bit nutty and he is a bit *restrained*} ~ who would have thought that 18 years ago! Their tiny apartment, a quasi perfect love nest, reminded me our flat hunting almost four years ago. Next year we will most likely move into a bigger house, and my nostalgia is already kicking in. So, this post is a homage to all the studio e one bedroom apartments out there. Let's start with one of my beloved cities: NYC. 

{Click on the photos to enlarge}

Half/Bedroom Apartment, Greenwich Village 
{Barefoot in the Park}

Carrie Bradshaw's Studio with Walk-in Wardrobe 
{Sex and the City}

Holly Golightly's One Bed Apartment, Unfurnished 
{Breakfast at Tiffany's}

Michael Bargo's Studio 

Here you can see another small, yet well formed, gem of NYC. Incidentally, it has been inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany's. Really lovely. And in this article, Small is Back, you can find useful tips on how to make the most out of a cramped space. 

I would love to own a studio in NYC or Paris... A kind of pied-a-terre where I can hide to whenever I want... One day, one day. 

Sources: Mimi & Meg, One Simple Addition, Stil Films

** London and Parisian box flats, including mine, to follow! **

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