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Saturday, 24 October 2009


While big chains keep launching new shops despite the recession (see Anthropologie in the UK or Topshop in the US) and other shops are forced into administration (see Coco Ribbon), a new {well, at least for me} retailing phenomenon  is happening: *pop-up shops*. 

Pop-up shops, usually a collective of designers and artists offering a full-on  experience,  either roam from place to place and venue to venue, or appear and disappear in the arch of one day. Two examples worth a timely visit (i.e. before they shut  down or move on) are Swanfield and Fraubraun

The former is a gipsy shop created by two promising designers (Mine and Cecilia Hammarborg) and the latter is a vintage e-shop which will soon become physical, for one day only, at their sale event in November. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mine's 2010 Spring Collection!
Both shops share the same transient state and concept: they successfully mix charming clothes with tea & cupcakes ensuring a well-mannered, slow-paced and unpretentious fun experience, which is miles away from the frantic high-street shopping hysteria. 

Dress from Frau Braun 
The only permanent shop that does this so well, albeit with pretentiousness, is Liberty of London. In Liberty it is never plain buying and never feels like being in a shop... until you check the price tags, of course. But this is why I LOVE it: for its decadence and alchemy of turning ordinary metals into gold. 

Liberty Prints
Swanfield, currently nesting just off Carnaby Street, will stay open until 14th November, and Fraubraun's inaugural selling event will take place on Sunday 8th November, from 12 to 18, at the Rag Factory in East London.

Source: Wee Bird, my friend Zuza and Retail Week

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