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Thursday, 22 October 2009

At Last!

From today London 
will be wearing
vintagesque ~ romantic ~ individual ~ printed


Anthropologie is finally here!

Take a peek at the new shop here and here 


Report from my visit to Anthropologie today, 24th October

I fought my way through the crowd of Oxford Circus on a dull Saturday afternoon (never more!), scrutinised each of the three floors and admired the décor. I picked three pieces, tried them on in the roomy changing rooms and was allowed to leave my stuff  there while hunting for more garments. I returned with four more items, tried them on and asked for a personal shopper to help me find a top to go with a printed mini-skirt. Although she didn't really provide any fashion advise as such, she was very polite and caring. She explained that 40% of the goods are made in Britain and that, as well as stocking a selection of external brands (e.g. J Brand), they have (American) designers creating ad-hoc collections (e.g. Anna Sui for Anthropologie).

Ideally, I wanted a contrasting print to match with this balloon mini, for a daring look, but all the printed blouses and tops were rather puffy and wouldn't have counteracted the volume of the skirt. I eventually tried it on with this embellished tee which looked quite smart*. 

* I didn't buy either, if you were wondering. I was good.

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