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Sunday, 25 October 2009

The watch that went to the moon

Omega watches are the best in the world wide world. No worries. My blog has not been corrupted by Omega Ltd to promote their brand.[1] This is a totally independent review. I admit I may not be entirely impartial here because I am very much influenced by family traditions. Omega has run in my family  blood for at least three generations. My dad, in particular, has got a thing for this make, which I have fully inherited.  

They are not only superior in movement and effortless elegance, they also have  maintained a classy image throughout the years thanks to the selective choice of first class ambassadors. After it went to the moon, several sportsmen, fictional characters and a swarm of celebrities have endorsed it, and my dad ended up buying the Speedmaster as his reward for recovering himself from years of illness. 

Pierce Brosnan, George Cloney, Cindy Crawford (immortal beauty) and Nicole Kidman (pumped-up beauty), amidst others, have all been photographed with the famed watch. 
 I  was so pleased the other day when in the tube I saw Ziyi Zhang's face as the new testimonial of Omega Constellation.[2]
Endowed with a rare and otherworldly beauty, Ziyi has played in my favourite Chinese mythology films: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers and Raise the Red Lantern.[3] 

See my review of House of Flying Daggers here.

Known for her unconventional choices on the red carpet, her stylistic preferences betray a non-conformist attitude behind those pure and innocent features making her an interesting, as well as talented, subject.

I am very lucky to own two Omega watches. A Constellation My Choice I bought in NYC last year and a vintage mechanical Omega who used to belong to my grandfather. It was given to me by my dad on the eve of my wedding. Together with my engagement ring, it is my most treasured possession.

Don't get me mistaken. I appreciate the timeless elegance of Cartier watches, favoured by  princesses and first ladies, but Cartier' starting price is much higher, making Omega a better price/quality ratio. And what about Rolex? I love the model with pink dial but I find them too ostentatious. 

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