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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

i heart skiing

Christmas seems very far away now, but the truth is that it flew by almost unnoticed... we had a nice dinner, we exchanged presents and it was a pleasure to see my dad's happy face: we bought him a long weekend with us in brussels next week. we also went to church and had a full chat with my old friends in the local bar till the early morning of christmas. but i cannot say that i really felt it. perhaps it is just me growing up and it will be different when i have got children. anyway i received lovely presents including a fantastic knitting bag from liberty (shown below), a chic hat, gloves (many) and money (never too much).

the highlight of my week in italy was definitely skiing after 13 years! i was worried i had forgotten how to ski down a slope, but it came so natural that i was surprised of myself. it is really like riding a bike - you never forget how to do it and yet i had forgotten how i enjoyed my skiing school trips in high school.

i improved as the day progressed. techniques i learnt when i was 5, slowly re-emerged into my practice. i have to admit that with the new skis (carving) it has become easier for everybody, but you still need to apply so much more technique than other winter sports (such as snow-boarding). now that i have passed the adolescent coolness threat, i could never become a snowboard convert - especially, but not only, in terms of style. baggy and masculine against tight, retro and sexy.

also steve was pretty damn good considering that he has done it only twice and followed us down all the runs, from the baby to the black one. he was not very coordinated and tended to close every turn too much, but this comes with practice and self-confidence. i am going to go back to italy in march may well spend a weekend in the alps - i would pick turin so i also get to finally visit this city. once you (re)start you can't stop anymore. i can't believe i allowed such a long *pause*!

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