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Monday, 23 April 2007

day in review

i would like to post about this past weekend, spent in brighton with my english girlfriends, but i need to put down a couple of reflections about this day spent amongst lawyers at a high level conference, the first law conference i have ever attended. i feel exhausted and a bit down-hearted. i think that i understood around a 40% of all was said and came back with some new phrases and terms such as de minimis, locus standi, rebate, in dubio pro reo, etc. which i will use to scare off lofty. maybe this is one of the reasons why i have mixed feelings: i am happy that my first exposure to an advanced conference in an alien field was not disastrous, but also unsure if i am really interested in getting involved at this level. some of the speakers were great in elucidating some complex concepts, but when the presentation went into more legalistic matters, it was boring. in fact, i enjoyed more the economic-based speeches for being more down to earth (in terms of terminology), confrontational and cricical of the legal approach. in short, i believe that the only way of finding those speeches *intriguing* is working on a relevant case. in that circumstance, it could even be exciting. in my case, all i needed to absorb were some new PEST trends without going into the core of the matter. nevermind. i have one day to go and i am sure it will go better. surprisingly, there were many women, mostly young and very well dressed. diamonds and expenses bags shined under my curious eyes. the only woman who caught my attention because of her fashionista look (she was dressed up for a fashion event or something) revealed to be italian... ah ah ah. what about me? i was wearing a black shirt dress, wherein i was feeling at my complete ease, with a brown/silver scarf, silver sandals and a beige cari. arguably this was the first black dress i have ever bought or worn. i needed a law conference to persuade me buying one! oddily enough, these days i am in a *grey* mood. i feel like wearing only black, grey and navy blue. i hope it is simply a wave of particularly classy tastes and not a subtle way of disappearing in the crowd. anyway, i need to uplift my mood, i need to convince myself that today was an intense day for all the delegates and not just for me. in the afternoon, i looked around the room and noted that everybody else was doing all but paying attention to the speakers: writing messages, checking their blackberry, scribbling in their notepad, looking outside. i felt symphatetic. i also need to convince myself that it was a useful day, that everything will make increasingly more sense, especially how to use all these legal notions in my business, how to convert them into a successful ideas and products...

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