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I don't believe in morality, but I believe in ethical conduct as set out by His Holiness the Dalai Lama: "Ethical conduct = a way of behaving that respects others’ right to be happy".

Sunday, 6 May 2007

if it wasn't clear enough, i stopped blogging, for now. in two weeks i am going on holiday, so i am not planning to resume my erratic writing until june. and it will be a challenge then as well, because a busy scheduled is already in my diary.
anyway, i didn't want to let this past and current weekends pass without mention. in between little happened, aside from hard work and intense yoga.

firstly, i am still annoyed that i had to spend may day at work - the biggest contradiction and affront ever.

last weekend was spent with steve, at last. after a few ones apart, we managed to be together and do things together: shell wildlife photography of the year at the natural history museum, intervalled by a visit to the V&A, was a great start. the photos were impressive. it was like a trip into wilderness. particularly noteworthy were the photos taken by under-10 children! we also had a dinner in the museum's hall, literally under the dinosaur. saturday was shopping day: we bought two pair of shoes (which we returned yesterday). eh eh eh. we had a nice home-cooked dinner and then ... i can't remember. sunday was a glorious day, and we had a picnic in the nearby park with rich and chris. we also played golf and, although i lost, it was regenerating.

this weekend kicked off with borat. the bit where he is with the feminists of america and calls one of them "hey, you pussycat", made me laugh to death. he is a nutter and kept finding himself in real trouble, since the film is in between a candid camera and documentary. yeasterday we had a tasty brunch at an organic bakery - the menu was so yummy and healthy at the same time! we then bought two b'day presents for our friends: namely, sushi dips made of chocolate. how cool is that! i promised to myself not to spend money until i am on the other side of the ocean, but i couldn't resist a pair of white stretchy trousers by buffalo (irony!) and a top by urban outfitter (double irony!) for the cowboy party i am supposed to go in two hours or so. if i hadn't drunk a glass of cheap wine at laura's party yesterday which made me feel sick all day of today, i would be up for it. now, i am not so sure. the party is around the corner and finishes at cinderella time. so, we'll see...

tomorrow it will be another relaxing day in preparation of two weeks of hell to get everything done before leaving. my new manager has great expectations and i am here to fulfill them.

Robin in a spin (above) was my favourite photo (11-14 years old contest)

A baking hot summer day on the Great Hungarian Plain, and birds were frantically seeking water in a small pool. There were all kinds, from songbirds to grouse and doves. Péter was spoilt for choice. ‘I clicked away for a couple of hours,’ he says, ‘but nothing really seemed right’. Then this robin arrived and went for a vigorous spin wash. ‘I quickly took a shot using the fastest possible shutter speed,’ he says, ‘and was delighted with the result’. But the problem was, ‘there were so many birds I couldn’t leave my hide without disturbing them. So I stayed put in the heat for another four hours with no food and a limited supply of water before finally leaving.’

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