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Thursday, 7 September 2006

My first week of the third decade

... of life.
Since I am still getting presents (bless me!), I can well talk about my BIG birthday, one week ago. After spending the w/e in Berlin with my fellow thirty and thirty-to-be girlfriends to celebrate that we have all lived for so long, I landed to London in the afternoon, tired to death but still up for a nice dinner with fellow Loftyin a surprise restaurant. And what a surprise! We went to Fifteen where six more friends were waiting for us! If I had some suspicions about the venue (simply because I have been mentioning this place a few times lately! ;o P), I did not imagined that my friend would have joined us, not even when we *accidentally* met Richard in the tube! He said he was going to meet Ben for a drink, and I candidly believed him. The dinner, mediterrenean based, was enjoyable: good quality ingredients, good variety of plates and excellent wine. [Having said that, the value for what you pay is not worthwhile, not at least for an Italian! But eating at Fifteen is an experience to be done for its background and for its founder's fame!].
Before going into the meaning of turning 30 (next post), let's review the many presents I got: 1. a Book: L'Ombra del Vento (in Italian translation) from Francesca. 2. A shower gel and body cream from my cousins. 3. Various money from parents and parents/grandparent in law. 4. Jamie's Dinners (including his autograph!) from Claire & Macca. 5. £50 of vouchers from Manu & Rafaela. 6. From Lofty: a porcelain big dog; a dog shaped pencil sharpener; a monkey pencil (is there a theme here?); an egg cup with knitted hat (for the egg) to keep it warm (see Serafino, in the right hand column); a crystal jewellery box; an oriental style umbrella in lillac and black; scarf in golden silk with red and black woolen threads. 7. A bunch of lovely yellow roses from Jules, Penny and Clare. 8. A golden ring with lined-up colourful crystals from Rachel, Paul & little Maxwell.
So, how did I use the various $$$ and vouchers? As part of my business metamorphosys, today I did some serious shopping and bought a suit. Yes, I know, I said I would not wear suits (ever), but this is a youthful suit and with a twist: it is made of a stift grey/brown fabric and the very fitted jacket in '40s mood has got a frilled collar for a creased look. Trousers are wide and with a rather high waist. I matched the suit up with an electric blue cotton top and a Missoni green/pink/light blue/gold skinny scarf with fringes.

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