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Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Happy First Birthday, Amica Carmilla!

I forwent any celebration for my blog's first anniversary on 25th August. Perhaps it is because I have been too busy celebrating my own and reflecting on the meaning of turning 30. Profuse apologies, AmicaCarmilla for my negligence! However, on my defence I could argue that I am indirectly working for you. I have just finished this book, I am half way through this (and I'm lovin' it!) and I am going to read this for the book club I have just joined! I am reading everything carefully and taking notes. The same for the films: a review about Hidden and Charade have been already (hand)written. I have just to find the time and energies to type them up. And this week I can finally go and watch IT. I have been waiting since March! In the meantime, I went to watch melodramatic and vampirian Matador, towards which I have got mixed feelings. Gosh, work is really manic! I am involved in big projects, I have meetings and author lunches almost every-day and feel like in pretending to know all about Competition Law. What is worse is that I know that soon I will have to come up with innovative publishing ideas to expand my portfolio, and commissioning is really a new world for me! I feel a bit stressed, but it is nonetheless exciting and sometimes rewarding, like when today two authors accepted my proposal to become my (under-paid) authors/editos for an ongoing project. Today, I had a look at my wardrobe and realised I do not own a suit. I don't want to own any suits, but I have realised that I will have to dress a bit smarter at work... in my own way. So, I am planning to buy a couple of jackets and pencil skirts. But not suits. In the meantime, I have purchased this business bag, because it was a bit embarassing yesterday when, during an author lunch, I took out my notes from a (lovely) fabric bag bought in a Berlin flea market...
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