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I don't believe in morality, but I believe in ethical conduct as set out by His Holiness the Dalai Lama: "Ethical conduct = a way of behaving that respects others’ right to be happy".

Friday, 24 March 2006

More about ME

This is, for Lofty and I, the most intense and busy time of this year so far. So, this post will be more self-centred than usual, I am afraid. Yesterday we went to a lovely civil wedding in London: my old friend and ex-elementary school mate, Manuele, married a very cute Brazilian young lady, Rafaela. The ceremony and reception were very intimate and low key but extremely sweet. It was the most perfect mignon wedding! But this won't be the only time they remind each other their commitment declared in front of friends and family in the British capital. In fact, there will be two more celebrations: a wedding in Italy sometime this year and of course the biggest do in Brazil in January 2007! If I am not sure whether I will attend the Italian wedding, I am certainly willing to be there for their Brazilian event! After loads of concerning issues with the new house, involving even the Church of England, we finally signed the contract (yippie!) and paid the deposit (yoppie!). We are now waiting -- waiting that everything goes smoothly and that we complete & move in one week time! We have been packing already but we have loads of stuff to sort out, and so far it will be just Lofty and I to physically make the big move next weekend. We are also planning to go to IKEA that weekend to take advantage of the van we will be hiring and to buy some essential bits and bobs (like the toilet brusher!). Some furniture (two beds, the mattress and the sofa) will be also delivered that day! Busier days are ahead! If this is not enough to look (and not to look) forward to, this Monday I am also moving to the new desk at work! Exciting! What's more? Ah, yes, in two weeks time we are off to Scotland for a Jewish wedding, then off to Italy for Easter holidays. We are looking forward to this break, and my dad has promised us to take us away for a couple of days travelling around Tuscany to sample some good wine. Finally, in April/May, my mum will be visiting for two and a half weeks . She is coming to help us but also to have a good time since her father passed away. So I am aware that I have to look after and entertain her. I am planning to take her to Kensington Palace and Hampton Court, since she is very much into the Royal family and Diana's biography; possibly to the musical Mary Poppins; to a service at St Paul Cathedral and a weekend to Paris to celebrate her 61st birthday! What a golden daughter I am! In the meanwhile, I have also managed to plan my 30th b'day long weekend in Berlin with other 7 girls and my summer family holiday to the island of Ischia! This morning I even woke up early and went swimming with my friend Joseph before coming to work. A brand new leisure centre was inaugurated last weekend, and the coolest thing is that is 1 minute walking far from my office! I have also to go to yoga three times a week for the next three weeks, not to loose any already paid class. I am not sure if this is a good reason not to have updated my blog as I wish, but it is the proof that I have been actually doing things. I have loads of post ideas and I keep annotating them (scripta manent...). As a lazy hobby and investment idea, I have been looking at loads of gold jewellery and will post some of them soon for your girly pleasure.

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