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Friday, 24 March 2006

Portraits from a wedding

... This post is an homage to a beautiful couple on their special day & a hymn to pure love ... ~ Manuele & Rafaela ~
Two spontaneous portraits of the young bride-to-be.
The master of the ceremony between the bride & the mysterious groom.
Happy together!
The witnesses
And finally, dulcis in fundo and out of context, me ...
Thanks to Lofty's poor photographic perspective, I look squashed and this does not do justice to my dress (and figure). But I posted it just in case you were wondering what I was wearing on that day. Well, nothing new: the usual navy blue puffy dress which. This time though I matched it with a vintage silky blouse in light pink and wide sleeves (the blouse belonged to my mother) to convey a day touch to an evening dress; black fish-net tights to give some character to the rather soft ensemble; and accessorised with: pink pearl drop earrings & a pink pearl brooch (see below); a silver necklace with white pearl pendant and my mum's (now mine) Tiffany bracelet (see below); silver ballet pumps and a silver pochette. Hair casually gathered up. And on my shoulders? A white wooly shawl and my usual black Armani Jeans fitted coat. In my previous post I defined this wedding as intimate, well, let it be say that, although it would have been *funky*, we were not the only guests, as you could mis-assume by looking at the above pictures.

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