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I don't believe in morality, but I believe in ethical conduct as set out by His Holiness the Dalai Lama: "Ethical conduct = a way of behaving that respects others’ right to be happy".

Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Minus twentysix ... to the Italian political elections

In the last two days I have come across two videos which double-proved my belief that my prime minister (not for long--I hope) being, not only dyslexic and ignorant, but also an *arrogant* politician--and I cannot stand arrogant people! So, if earlier I would feel a detached disdain for him and his dodgy complots, now a strong feeling of injustice is growing into my nerves making me... *livid*! La Figuraccia di Berlsconi a Strasburgo (see below) is at first hilarious for Berlusconi's inconsiderate and clueless reply to the Austrian minister's concerns in taking him on board as the EU president for the following six months, until his gigantic gaffe which is simply embarrassing to watch and his final counter-reaction in refusing to apologise to his Austrian colleague, which is literally insolent. Whilst, the second video, the Interview with Journalist Annunziata, is another painful example of his abuse of power. During this question time scheduled to last 30 minutes, he first threatened the journalist by saying that she risked “staining” her career with her obtrusive questions, and then, before storming out of the room after only 20 minutes of interview, he labelled her "left-wing" and added that she should be "ashamed of it". No comment! As Ms Annunziata pointed out, he is not used to be confronted in public and, when he is, he defends himself with nonsense arrogance, a strategy that can intimidate the Italian parliament perhaps, but did not impress the European committee, who kept laughing at each of his remarks... I keep thinking that the EU is somehow our salvation!

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