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Sunday, 9 October 2005

"Je suis Catherine Deneuve"

Although my intention is to enjoy the end of this relaxing weekend at its most, it is approacing the end and I can start resuming it. On Friday after spending the day at home (working), I headed in the evening to my colleague's birthday at The Langley in Covent Garden. We were mainly ladies, and the place was full of sassy girls and chatty guys ... I bought Maddy a book by Isabelle Allende, Aphrodite, which is a collection of erotic recepies Allende put together elaborating a story for each ingredient. Afterwards, Amanda and I went to Camden Town and had a drink at the Barfly. I stayed at her place, and we carried on chatting till 4am. On Saturday morning I walked through Camden market and got home at around 12pm, had a mediterrenean brunch, then relaxed a bit, kept working on the copyediting of a never-ending book and lazed around. At 1am I decided to watch Indochine with an astonishing Catherine Deneuve. I finished the film at about 3am, without falling asleep. Hurrah! This morning Lofty and I finally booked the films from the London Film Festival. The choice is overwhelming (108 films!), so it took us a while to select them. In the end, we chose two French language films: Ultranova (Belgic film) and Violent Days (French film). The selection was driven by several reasons, but one criteria was that those two films don't have a distributor in the UK, therefore it is unlikely to see them in the London cinemas in the fothcoming months. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford anything more. Contrary to its spirit of exposing the audience to the world contemporary cinema, the LFF is an elite event. Tickets for the opening and closing gala, screening respectively the Constant Gardener (Brazilian) and Good Night, and Good Luck (USA) are available for an outrageous £25. Other films we selected, but won't see in this occation, were Dark Horse (Denmark/Ireland), Burnt Out (France), Sacred Heart (Italy) and News from Afar (Mexico), The Beast in the Heart (Italy) and The Wind Blows Round (Italy). Who knows whether we will ever find these films in DVD?

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carrie_lofty said...

I have only heard good things about Indochine and Deneuve in particular. I'm assuming you'll have a review up soon?