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I don't believe in morality, but I believe in ethical conduct as set out by His Holiness the Dalai Lama: "Ethical conduct = a way of behaving that respects others’ right to be happy".

Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Penelopian thoughts

Some thoughts about the day of today, maturated while walking back home from my yoga centre. I woke up at 8.30am, got ready very slowly, drunk a coffee and walked to work. No breakfast. I have stopped having breakfast. Despite being known as a bad habit, it works well for me. So, don't blame me for this. It was sunny and fairly hot. I was in the office at 9.30, I think. I worked a bit on my titles, a bit on my blog. I lost a good-hearted desk mate who headed to a new adventure with our competitor. I ate chicken Caesar salad (without dressing), a banana, mango-blueberry-peach salad and a roll. I thought to buy sage at the local farm market (to make my teeth whiter, as my cousin Giacomo recommended), but never did. I drank honey tea and water all the day long. I had far too few breaks during the afternoon. I had the usual 1to1 with my manager, and, beside the role of mentor to new editors, I was assigned the role of *mentor of the mentors*. It was good to hear that I am allowed to work from home a couple of days of next week to dedicate to the copyediting of a brand new book. I am also thinking of attending one of those finance courses aiming to *deepen my financial awareness of the company*. I have already dealt with this boring side of the business during my MA, but forgot about it very quickly. Hence, it may be useful to refresh the parameters necessary to assess the success of a book. After work, I rushed to yoga. It sounds nearly a contradiction rushing towards the most relaxing moment of the day. However, as soon as I stepped into that centre, my senses released. My teacher is 5 months (?) pregnant. She had the most perfect belly button, and for the first 3 minutes I could not detach my eyes from her rounded belly. The practice was slow. I felt I didn’t breathe properly. My balance was miserable. My head a stone. I justified my heaviness with the fact that I hadn’t done much yoga lately (second time of this week after a break of 10 days). My flexibility was decent, but what worried me was my lack of concentration. During relaxation, I thought how much I loved that place, even though it is sometimes a bit too exclusive for me (I think I spotted Sienna Miller today but not entirely sure--so, just ignore my attempted gossip). After the practice, I bought one of those anti-stress balls covered in talc and offered to my self an organic *crazy pear* juice, which was delicious and apparently beneficial for the heart. Outside, it was a beautiful evening, the sun just set and it was already darkening. The sky in the horizon was of a greenish/bluish hue. I felt it like a taste of one of those sweet Autumnal nights, when the air is clean, fresh and cool. Autumn is in fact my favourite sensorial season, when my energies are at their fullest. My day in numbers: I saw 1 of those dog rats. I saw also 1 real rat (they hunt me everywhere). I even heard its impression (squeak squeak). Dreadful. I turned grey. I have been nearly run-over (and scorned) by 2 pizza delivery men, one in the morning and one in the afternoon (or maybe it was the same one both times). 2 cars stopped quasi-abruptly to let me kindly cross the road, even though I didn’t have the least intention of crossing it (I was taking it easy in my post-yoga relaxing state). Nice from them though.Faithful to my little vices, I bent 3 leaves and stroke my shell bracelet countlessly. I am at home now. I am planning to spend the rest of the night in horizontal position, watching the second part of inside 9/11 on National Geo Channel, the episode of Sex & the City for the 80th time, and to fall asleep with the Da Vinci Code, easy reading, at times a bit flat - but never boring, since the controversial mysteries of Jacques Sauniere keep your curiosity alive...I hope that also your evening will be full of little retrospective and regretless thoughts. Nite Nite

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