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I don't believe in morality, but I believe in ethical conduct as set out by His Holiness the Dalai Lama: "Ethical conduct = a way of behaving that respects others’ right to be happy".

Tuesday, 13 September 2005

My 29th Birth-night

With two weeks of delay, I have finally managed to put together some pictures of my 29th birthday. I celebrated it in rural style, having a rich dinner in the new agriturismo lying in the countryside village where my maternal grand mum grew up. The location enjoys a great view over the valley and is backed by San Vicino mountain, the highest mountain in the area. Beside Lofty and I, 15 people turned up: my adorable cousins, Giacomo and Valentina; Luca (Vale's boyfriend); my university friends Pippo and Fede; my (boy) friends, Dosti, Galio, Giacomino and a friend of him; my married friends, Monia & Danilo; my single friends, Laura and Vanessa; and a lovely couple: Bea and Marco. Arianna and Maurizio were not present since they were struggling with the choppy sea on the boat taking them back from an amazing holiday throughout Greece. Back in the restaurant, we had some delicious local food based on pappardelle with wild pork, ravioli with mushrooms and truffle, all sort of organic meat and salami. Everything accompanied by red (and white) wine and spumante. A nice cake completed the abbufata. :o ) I was so happy to see all of them around a table. We had a fantastic night, chatting and laughing a lot, especially about my dream car: Bianchina cabriolet. Towards the end of the dinner, my daddy popped to say hello and... to have a slice of cake. Although we had to wake up at 7am to start our Croatian adventure, we ended up going to bed at 4am. I omit the awakening of the day after... I got some lovely presents for which I thank all of the above-mentioned once again: thank to all of you very much! You shouldn't have... But I appreciate them a lot. :o P Namely I got: a fonduta machine (to cook cheese or chocolate); a sexy green dress; a sophisticated evening bag; a shiny necklace + bracelet, which I am wearing on the photos; two books (La notte dei blogger--tales by 18 Italian bloggers, having the night as the common liaising theme; and L'isola di arturo--by Elsa Morante, Alberto Moravia's wife); some charming stones with a crystal therapy guide; and $$ from my parents & grand dad. Steve bought me a cute hairy little dog, some dark chocolate and a massage voucher. Finally, Simona came to visit this weekend and brought me the Dalai Lama's book: the Art of Happiness. Great timing. ;o )


carrie_lofty said...

Everyone looks very happy and relaxed - must have been a good time with lots of wine around. And everyone's so tan!! You Mediterranean types with your sunshine and olive skin! :)

I'm glad you had fun and got lots of good pressies. Happy birthday Silvia!

Gatto Nero said...

(What if I write my comment in italian? No, ok!)

I knew it: "La notte dei blogger" is everywhere. A nightmare?

Mircalla said...

They were all so brown! I bet, after one month of seaside!

Bless them.

Mircalla said...

Some of them quite nightmarish -- oh yes! :o )

Mircalla said...

Has it been translated into English yet, I mean "La notte dei blogger"?

Are you perhaps one of the authors?!

Gatto Nero said...

I don't think that this book has been translated, nor that it'll be.
I'm not one of the authors... but I would really like to be so (oh, consecutio...).
Once I've meet one of them, and I often "chatted" with them. They're quite accessible...

(Oh, studying makes my english worst...)

Mircalla said...

What do you mean with "accessible"?

[Your English is perfect.]