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Friday, 2 July 2010

Cultivating Joy

Happy July! I have got positive feelings about this month and thought it would be time to give this blog a seasonal facelift (hope you like it) and restart blogging more regularly. 

So, what is it so good about this summer? Well, it's been consistently hot for weeks (so unusual in this country), my love for yoga is growing day by day, and Loftino's love + generosity have been unsurpassed recently. Not only he put great effort in arranging  our first anniversary's celebrations (kabuki dance, dinner at the OXO Tower and silk kimono by Fleur of England), he has also surprised me with tickets for the Hop Farm Festival headlined by Bob Dylan (and Devendra Banhart). I am so, so excited about it. I have been listening to their rock folk music for months! We are driving to Kent tomorrow and will be camping with our brand new pop-up tent and self-inflatable mattresses. Wow!

Tonight I am doing an Acro Yoga workshop. I was a bit hesitant as inversions are still my Achilles' tendon, but it will help face my fears -- or so I thought when I signed up. Besides, Acro Yoga is also about connecting with the other fellow yogini, exchanging some juicy Thai massage, and, most of all, it's fun! Isn't yoga about cultivating joy, after all?

And what is more joyful than sharing yoga with children? I believe it could entertain and empower many needy children around the world. In view of a few volunteering with children ideas for 2011, Loftino got me this Teach Children Yoga Kit. I was a tiny bit disappointed to find out it is downloadable (rather than paper-based) material in PDF and MP3 formats, but this means I can print as many copies as I want and reuse the kit on different projects. The beauty of this kit is that it's designed for vivacious children. The guide says:: do not adjust children as they want to play with the shapes, but show them the right alignment IN CASE they DECIDE to mimic you. : D 

I look forward to putting it into practice with some of my friends' active kids! {Not that many, actually!}

OmShanti&PREM xxx

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