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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Pack Light

I have written several posts on luggage as it is an important part of my semi-nomadic life. Not only I love travelling and I am planning more frequent trips to the east. I also need to go back *home* a few times a year to remind myself what sun, good food and family affections are like. I had the perfect cabin trolley, until it broke a month ago in Sicily. It was smart, robust and very manageable - just too old. It endured nine years of commuting and travels. I got a bit upset because it was my friends' graduation present, but I have decided not to mourn any longer material things, even if they have a sentimental value. If it broke after so many years, it meant that I needed to make space for something new. After all, it was too smart for the adventurous trip I have got in mind for the future and a tiny bit too heavy. With all the increasingly stricter luggage restrictions imposed by airlines, even one kilo makes a huge difference. So, I have been looking for a replacement: something cheaper, sturdy, light and practical without sacrificing (of course) style. Eastpack Transfer Luggage seems to tick all the boxes. It is a good comprimise between a smart trolley and rucksack and it is discounted to £59.99 here.

Have a look at these packing tips my brother-in-law passed me on: Ten Days in a Carry-on

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