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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Late Shopping Ideas :: Trunki for Globetrotting Toddlers

I presented my friend's baby with one of these Trunkies. I see them in airports  all the time and thought it would be perfect for baby Adriano, an almost one year old baby born in the UK from Italian and Brazilian parents. He is bound to be a travelling trotter, and I really hope he and his mother will make good use of this multi-use trolley which also serves as a tricycle and chair.


Superqueen said...

Unfortunately me and my family aren't frequent travellers, but I'm sure B would appreciate this lovely Trunki. We don't travel often, but when we do it, B travels in style: she already has her own pink beauty case ;)

Amicacarmilla said...

In a sense you are blessed that you don't have to carry B from and airport to another as travelling with children must be proving...

You might already know it, but there is a lovely blog co-written by a bunch of young mums where you can find tons of stylish ideas for B: