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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Rayban Whenever Wherever Forever

I need to wear glasses in front of the PC to give some mercy to my tired and dry eyes. I hope that one day my lifestyle will change and allow me to spend time here only for blogging, writing articles and social reasons. And the good news is that I am working towards it. Ah.

Until then, spectacles will help me go through the day. I have a pair of Alain Mikli glasses I have already mentioned tons of times as I adore them, but since they broke they have not been their same self. Buying a new A.M. pair was not an option, given their prohibitive price.

I browsed a few classical frames but could not really see myself with any of them. It is then that i decided to be bold and go for a bold option. I first tried on a pair of white Rayban. I was on the point of buying them when I spotted the black and transparent variant and decided to go for that as the white ones were perhaps a touch too eccentric for corporate environments. Mmmm... not really. They just suited me better. ;   )

Well, they don't really make me prettier but they are what they are supposed to be: comfy, funky and big!

I love this little girl making faces with her bold spectacles.


Superqueen said...

Awww! This black and transparent version of the classic Wayfarer frame is very nice and modern. Good choice, you look beautiful :)

yuzhen said...
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