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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Tattoo Me

Pain doesn't scare me - it's part of the ritual of getting a tattoo. I am not concerned with its eternity either as I think a tattoo will become part of you in the same way your ear or a scar becomes you. What it is crucial is that it must be perfectly executed. So, to find the right studio, with a relaxing and non-intimidating ambience, is paramount. The good news is that I think I found it! Good Times Tattoo is arguably the best studio in London with a waiting list of months, if not years, and proposes a new concept: it is like a tattoo SPA where you can relax in a fashionable environment inspired by kitsch Mexican décor  and injected with a good dose of irony. 

The subject and position is what has been nagging me for years. I would love to have one on my forearm or wrist, but I am not sure I am ready for such an exposed part of the body. My second and third tattoo (tattoos always go in odd numbers) have to be on my back. The other day I visualised a full coloured lotus flower on my lower back and three butterflies  of different sizes taking a flight from the lotus and flying over my side torso, up to my armpit. And I had nice feelings about it. I love butterflies and the lotus is a very symbolic flower in Buddhism, Hindu tradition and, of course, in yoga. 

Here a few inspirations of pretty butterflies and lotus... 

Source: Rhanuii tattoes


Superqueen said...

Those butterflies are amazing!

Yesterday I booked a sitting at my trusty tattoo parlour for my 2nd one: a black star behind my neck, just like Stefano Pilati's

Cannot wait.

so Kiara said...

I am thinking of a second tattoo- it's a sentence, and that's what makes me a bit wary- perhaps one day I won't find those words so poignant anymore. I guess if it's the right thing for me, the time will come!

@Superqueen: that's wonderful, good luck with it!I also have a star on my left wrist

Amicacarmilla said...

Love stars and hearts - you can never go wrong with those symbols... I would love to have it on my wrist, but it wouldn't fit with my current job. Once I become a full time yoga teacher, I will...

I have just booked an appointment with the lady on the right, Saira, for a consultation and hopefully she can draw two tiny red hearts behind my heels, where the Achilles tendon is... Just a little token to remind myself to love my foundations. ; )


Gabbi said...

I love the first butterfly photo! I don't think I could do it... but definitely appreciate the beauty of it all.