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Friday, 11 December 2009

Snow Queen

I already mentioned that we are going skiing for New Year. This will be our first proper skiing holiday in over a decade. I am so excited, I can't wait. We will be an international group of mates, namely 17 people and 7 nationalities: 4 Italians, 3 French, 4 Austrians, 2 Germans, 1 Turkish, 1 Chinese and 1 English. It is the same crowd {with some additions} we spent New Year in Finland two years ago.    

Unlike my honeymoon in Africa, travel arrangements have been stress-free this time: I already have my skiing gear and our Austrian friend Hansi, the coolest guy on earth, has planned everything on our behalf. So, in the past few days I have been concentrating on snow fashion: what should a discerned fashionista wear on the slopes and pack in her luggage? Because I am not flying BA {air strike allowing}, I shall still bring my big Samsonite trolley as my {newish} Adidas by Stella McCartney ski jacket alone is puffy and takes up space. 

Stella McCartney's Recco jacket combines understated glamour and functionality: it is  endowed with an avalanche system which tracks you down if you get lost.  

They come in a myriad of colours, are light and yet warm. 

 Kontatto Slouchy Hat

Twilight-inspired Long Mittens
I am all over this pair of chunky mittens and now I feel like watching the film that launched this trend. 

Rossignol, Attraxion VI Style
Designed with women skiers in mind! I wonder what that means...


Jess said...

Don't you just love the emu barossas? I can now not live without them! They're just full of fabulous and they're also like wearing a warm, well insulated slipper out and about!

Amicacarmilla said...

Yes, they are lovely! And I like that you can fold them down!

info said...

Wow! Here is one more Snow Queen by award-winning artist Vladyslav Yerko - for your inspiration:

Amicacarmilla said...

Thank-you : )