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Friday, 11 December 2009

Gift Ideas :: Blow your Budget with Statement Jewellery

I have mentioned elsewhere that Satya Jewelry is my jewellery make of choice, not only because their designs are inspired by yoga symbols, but also because they are so elegantly made and discreet that you can wear them in every occasion, like a good luck token. The collections also includes some statement pieces which would make such an impact as a X-mas gift or to accessorise a NYE dress.


This cuff bracelet is to die for. I love its shape, matt colour and the engraving: a lotus flower, yoga symbol of new beginnings, grounding and openess.

This band, woven as a gold basket, will not pass unnoticed. 

A Satya Jewelry shop recently opened in Covent Garden, and I paid my first (of many) visit(s) to it pronto. It didn't let me down. I wanted to own and wear everything on display. I limited myself to these cute earrings: 

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