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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Meet Veja & Tom's Shoes

Being the design conscious nerd I am, I couldn't embrace a brand only for being eco or socially responsible. As well as being ethical, it has to be made of quality materials, have an appealing cut or design and, possibly, an unexpected twist. I have recently bumped into more and more ethical brands combining sustainability and hip look. Veja  and Tom's shoes are two of those. 

I bought my first VEJAS in Paris in September and never looked back. They have been glued to my feet since and did not regret paying the full price tag of 80 Euro or thereabout.  I was set to buy them in white and green but got them in charcoal {see right column, fourth row below} which I wear with everything - from denim to tailored trousers, city shorts and dresses. I love their retro look and that they are like wine: they get better with ageing.

So, what's the story behind VEJAS? They are made in small Brazilian communities, and the French company's mission is based on three principles:

1. Using ecological inputs
2. Using fair trade cotton and latex
3. Respecting workers’ dignity 

They come in a great variety of colour combo and textures. List of stockists can be found here.

TOMS shoes are the epitome of casual look and, in my opinion, look oh-so-sexy on men. I am particularly fond of espadrilles as they remind me the Italian summers in the old days. My dad and I used to own the same pair in bright yellow!  

Tom's story always makes a tear fall down my cheeks. The premise could not have simpler: "With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One". When we were in Mozambique last June, all the children of Guludo were so fascinated by my shoes. They, understandably, have a thing for shoes as their feet must  ache so much from walking all day on hard surfaces. Read here why shoes are so important for children.

Again, they come in a great variety of colours and prints. The only reason why I haven't gotten one pair for myself and my better half {apart from financial restrains} is because I am always nervous of having to pay duties and taxes for international shipping {they come from the States}, and the UK stockists never have a good supply. 

My quest continues. 

Check this blog out for eco-fashion events around Europe.


Gabbi said...

I love the Vejas design and honestly have been looking for a new pair of sneakers for some time now... off to browse for a pair now. Fingers crossed that they're not too expensive?? :)

Amicacarmilla said...

I paid mine 80 Euro... Quite pricey for a pair of trainers... But worth it...