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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

"Unconcerned but not Indifferent", Man Ray

I am not sure why I haven't blogged about my September weekend in Paris yet. It was my sixth time in the capital and blogged about it before, but I had not been back for ages, and all my visits, including this, have always been flash breaks. So, this time I wanted to strike a good balance between the more traditional landmarks (i.e. sparkling Eiffel Tower by night, Mont Maintre and cemeteries) and less touristy spots (i.e. Les Marais and Montparnasse Tower). 

The weather was glorious if not a touch too hot.

We spent most of the Saturday browsing the independent boutiques of Les Marais and watching the flawless crowd go by, while sipping coffee in the many cafes of this fashionable neighbourhood. Shopping was an excellent way of interacting with locals. As my husband and I noticed, all the shop assistants were stunning: pretty, kind and well-spoken. I was too busy (window) shopping and chatting to take photos of the delights I saw, but managed to take note of all the labels that stole my heart.

Photos (c) Jean Marie Racon

Ella Luna had lovely party dresses, Ekjo Paris stocked cosy cashmere jumper dresses, Custo Barcelona had the most eccentric printed kimono-dress made of different fabrics, with mossy green being the predominant colour. In a uber-funky shop -- a huge bazaar-style maze mixing new and second-hand stuff, I finally got a pair of eco VEJA trainers which have become my second skin since. I was slightly disappointed by Paul & Joe Sister. Online you can find more of the previous collections than in store. This could be said for any make, but the Parisian branch was disappointingly badly stocked. I was so upset when I turned up at Repetto shop to find it shut (Paris shops don't do Sunday). Ah well, it will be for next time. For more information, you can virtually browse this quarter on Haut Marais, an informative shopping compass.

The best part was styling Mr Lofty. My job was completed when he decided to buy this whole outfit (but the scarf) from LOFT design by.

And please pose your eyes on the male model for a few seconds (click on the pic to enlarge)... Oh, those eyes!

This girl looked very in vogue with those bunny ears (I know they are Minnie's ears, but the general trend has been labelled *Bunny Ear Look*). Only later I realised that she was one of the veterans from Eurodisney, hence the hair ornament.

The Montparnasse tower's rooftop on the 54th floor is open-air providing an unfiltered vista of the city and is not as touristy as other high spots I have visited during my citytrotting experiences, so the climb was quick and sweet.

The Seine has got a calming effect on me as it allows my eye to  see beyond and enjoy a wide panorama, no matter where you stand or from which perspective you look at it. This is a liberating feeling I only experience in low-rise cities like Berlin.

Mon Maintre is one of the cheesiest places in Paris, and understandably so. Its dominant position and artistic heritage is a tourist attraction turned into a trap. It's where the Bohemian crowd used to live and work before rocketing rents forced them to move to the unglamorous Montparnasse.

Notre Dame at sunset takes on a golden hue, which is mesmerising. {P.S. I am running out of superlatives!}

I finally paid a visit of respect to my literature and music idols in the two famous cemeteries of Montparnasse (flat and squared) and Père Lachaise (hilly and curvy) where the likes of Samuel Beckett, Charles Baudelaire, Paul Sartre, Serge Gainsbourg, Man Ray and Jim Morrison rest in (not so much) peace.

Last but not least, don't miss a dinner Chez Janou, a popular bistro with a retro feel and very French menu, architecture and hectic service.

Click on the image to view their fancy website, and make sure you watch the film! Too hilarious!

C'est tout, au Revoire, amis de Carmille!

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