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Friday, 16 October 2009

A New Wave ♥

My dashboard is overflowing with posts in progress, but I have to defer my blogging activity to the weekend as I will be at Nouvelle Vague concert tonight. In the meantime, enjoy this fab photo from the concert I attended last December. 

 Photo from Nouvelle Vague's Facebook profile

The white fringed dress with swinging tassels following Nadeah's frantic body's dance was orgasmic. And this shot captures the movement so beautifully. 

These girls rock the world of bossa nova! Everything about them is spot-on: the songs' choice, their voice (see track listing from their album #3 below), energy and look.

Track Listings
1. Master & Servant (originally by Depeche Mode)
2. Blister In The Sun (originally by Violent Femmes)
3. Road To Nowhere (originally by Talking Heads)
4. All My Colours (originally by Echo & The Bunnymen)
5. The American (originally by Simple Minds)
6. Heaven (originally by Psychedelic Furs)
7. Parade (originally by Magazine)
8. Metal (originally by Eloisia)
9. Ca Plane Pour Moi (originally by Plastic Bertrand)
10. Our Lips Are Sealed (originally by The Go-Go's)
11. God Save The Queen (originally by Sex Pistols)
12. Say Hello Wave Goodbye (originally by Soft Cell)
13. So Lonely (originally by The Police)

Marc Collin & Olivier Libaux, founders of Nouvelle Vague's Project, reinvented the idea of "cover (or tribute) band" by presenting a new rendition of original cult songs and  letting the singers express their unique style: "each singer only performed songs they were not previously familiar with, to ensure that each cover would have an individual interpretation". Last FM

UPDATE: Being a collective project, I should have been prepared to changes, but I was nonetheless disappointed when I found out that Melanie, my favourite voice, had gone solo and yesterday, at the Roundhouse, was only present as a guest. Nadeah and Sophie led the concert with charisma and charm, but I still think the best songs were performed by the cute little French girl with a quirky voice. 

Cover from Compilation Songs (2009)

The good news is that Melanie will be performing at the Jazz Cafe on 30th November. It is only two days before my trip to ROME, but I don't want to miss her as the performance is bound to be an intimate experience (Jazz Cafe is tiny). The website describes her music "chanteuse flecked retro folk pop with some strongly jazzed up flavourings". Superb!

And what if you pair her interpretation of Dance with Me with a scene from Jean-Luc Godard's film, Bande a Part? Quality!

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