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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Shoes Hanging from the Ceiling

SHUNT LOUNGE is my ideal recreational spot in London. It's a collective theatre company offering large-scale performance events, exhibitions, installations, experimental music, art cinema, etc. in the labyrinthine vaults of London Bridge underground. The beauty of this place is that you can choose to take part to one or all of them, or just to sit, relax and chat the night away with your friends in the most atmospheric location in town.

It was in Shunt that I spotted FERAL SHOES hanging down from the ceiling.

{Hmmm, fashion hanging from the ceiling!}

Designed by Brixton-based mother of two Meher Kakalia, they are made of embroidered and hand-stitched soft leather. Another example of metropolitan design and quality materials meeting ethical handicraft and ergonomic comfort.

The flat bees are her signature design:


Although I tend to favour flats, I am intrigued by the quirkiness of these heeled shoes with salmon skin detail:
These dotty jazz are so funky:

FLAUBERT - hopscotch

And how cool are these lace-ups with long embroidered tongue?


The fold-up babouches caught my consumerist eye. They are a stylish alternative to grandma slippers. They would be a tempting replacement to my worn-out holistic silk pumps which I use to toddle around my yoga centre.

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