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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Meet Holga...

Holga is a lomography camera from the sixties. Virginia, who proudly owns one, explained that it was born as a faulty camera: light filters through, ruining the photos. But instead of withdrawing the product from the market, the manufacturers reinvented the concept of art photography with an element of surprise. The camera comes with black sellotape to try and prevent light from coming through, a rudimentary device which not always works. To make things *messier*, the viewfinder is dislocated from the lens, and there is no interruption when switching from photo 1 to photo 2, 3, etc., so if you don't centre the film's margins correctly. photos may come up overlapped. Their format is squared, the flash is colourful and the lens is fixed. The idea is that you don't spend time worrying about the technicalities, such as exposure, light or zoom, but concentrate on the subject. Their motto is: DON'T THINK, JUST SHOOT. The result? CRAZY and FUN:
(c) nadrocks
To learn more about the philosophy of Lomography, read here.
Holga is available here. Straight into my Wish List.

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