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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Hairy Day

Gossip Girl has triggered a passion latent in me: headbands! Jennifer Behr and Jennifer Ouellette are leading the trend, thanks also to the series' good marketing job. 

Jennifer Behr 
 I got this Jennifer Ouellette band in amber colour. It was on sale for £16. Bargain.

Canadian Ophelie Hats, available in London at the V&A Shop creates beautiful feathery head fascinators. Here a selection:

Finally, I love the bohemian look of these over-the-top head pieces by Little Doe and the photography is awesome. 

During my quest for the perfect headband, I came across Windy Freda's website featuring more boho hair pieces and a photography very similar to Little Doe, in terms of colours and light.

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