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Saturday, 25 July 2009

The bridegroom's style

Before concentrating on my wedding attire and devote a few posts to bridal fashion (my new passion), I would like to drive your attention to the bridegroom's outfit. Steven was incredibly stylish the day of our wedding, and incredibly emotional. So emotional that, when he saw me getting off the car with my dad, burst into tears making me also very nervous. I had been excited but calm up until then... It was a painfully sweet moment which I will always remember...
Back to the frivolous aspects. He was wearing a two-buttoned Anthony suit by Ralph Lauren, utterly elegant but versatile. The two buttons and fitted style made it more evening-style and juvenile than a classic three-buttoned day suit, and its colour, a charcoal/quasi black, made it less businessy. Being an afternoon/evening ceremony, he didn't wear a waistcoat, and his straight trousers didn't need a belt, for a neat and clean ensemble. All the slim fit shirts he tried on looked too baggy on him for my tastes, so he eventually got his shirt with wide spread collar tailored by Ralph Lauren which offer complimentary alterations. He completed the look with a Liberty print slim tie in silver and mint, Vivian Westwood cufflinks, a silk pocket square puff folded (American style) and Paul Smith black semi-patent shoes. But his forte was an elongated bowler hat, or coke, which he rocked with confidence and threw as a bouquet at the end of the night to a lucky would-be groom. Was he not adorable? It was so funny to overhear the comments of some old women from my village, where the ceremony took place, agreeing that he was a handsome groom. : )

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