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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Busy from here to the eternity

Have a look at the notice board on the left... My agenda is filling up so quickly that I am busy from here to the end of May, or from here to the eternity, as my friend joked. I blocked out June as I will be away for 5 weeks otherwise I am sure I would find things to do in June as well, when UK flourishes with music festivals. Add to the long list two visits from Italy (my bridesmaids and my cousin) and two parties (Hhisano and Francesco's engagement/30th birthday party and Spring party).
I did not actively arranged most of the listed activities. They mainly came as an invitation from my friends. This is London. This is why time flies by and seven years later you are still here without being sure if this is what you wanted. But, I am personally loving it (at the moment) so will try to enjoy life, the best distraction from the credit crunch and my distant wedding arrangements, which, by the way, are going so far so good. I have arranged music, photos, outfits, honeymoon, menu, invitations and have got ideas for those things I cannot sort out out of loco. My main concern is the bridesmaids dresses as it is not easy to fit four ladies with different shapes and different personalities into the same dress. The other *problem* I have is with the order of service. I cannot translate the service with an official translation as the English rite is still the old one. Very annoying as I feel rather uncomfortable in translating religious text from Italian into English. Let's face it. It's not everyday language. I hope the rebel priest will be able to help me. The other question mark is the opening chant. Our organist would like to play the Wagner march, but I don't want it for two reasons: it is too banal and Wagner was a Nazi. Any suggestions? What did you play at your wedding or what would you wish to be played (if you have ever considered it)?
BTW, I kept saying I I I in relation to the wedding arrangements because I am dealing with most of it, but without the consultation and approval of my half apple. ; )

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