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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Memoirs from New York ~ Fedi & I

One of the reasons of my absence from the blogsphere is that I have grown increasingly frustrated and impatient with the slowness of blogspot. My blog is mostly a photoblog, and every time I want to upload a photo, it takes aaaaages. I just can't bear spending minutes and minutes becoming hours waiting and waiting. As I said, this is only one of the reasons... Another has to do with how I lately feel - chatless & confused... Anyhow, I have decided to post my photos from my mesmeric trip to NYC at the beginning of the Summer in phases. I want to start with some portraits of myself and fellow-traveller as our union made this trip special...

the proof we were really in NYC (or was it Las Vegas?) On the Empire State Building's roof. Poor Fede was dizzy

In the coolest restaurant of Brooklyn. Our last dinner in NYC

At Carrie Bradshow's doorstep on Perry Str, 66
In the MOMA

Still asleep and backgrounded by one of the many stunning waiteresses at this cafe in Union Square kindly recommended by Franceschino  
you, fedi!

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