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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

i am the best cousin in the world

i survived, just about, to another titanic weekend and accomplished my goal of overwhelming my cousins with the choice this city has to offer. i'll try to avoid another long post of "we did... we went... we saw" - sadly, this is how my reports are turning into: boring recollections of my chronological life. so, this time i shall critically contemplate only the highlights of this london weekend, as the rest of the time we trotted around like headless chickens...

notting hill arts club disappointed me and did not impress my guests. music was experimental and intriguing but did not outweight the £8 at the entrance! Thumbs down!

ping pong was yummy head to toe but made me feel unwell - just too greasy. mirko rejoiced at the dim sum and mohito, while monica nourished herself with strawberry martini as she wants to become a model (seriously). thumbs down! : /

dublin castle was surprisingly good. no fuss, safe choice of brit-rock music, a few camden characters, cheap entrance, affordable drinks, and reasonable closing time (2am).
thumbs up! ^ ^

vanity fair portrait exhibit was good. i had already seen some of those portraits in other photographic exhibition, but still enjoyed admiring once again cecil beaton, man ray, annie leiboviz' camera shoots. monica got a vanity fair 30s cover depicting a caricature of greta garbo -- coincidentally she wrote her final thesis on garbo and her underwear (corsettery, etc.). thumbs up! ^ ^

a modern interpretation of the Grand Odalisque by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres attracted my intellectual curiosity. julianne moore stares at the camera with a candid and naive look. she looks more restrained than the original (sign of our recession times?) with drapes covering her hips shifting our attention on her porcelaine legs. this photo hangs in my bedroom...

topshop - i hadn't stepped into mecca of fashion in ages. monica got the cutest starred cropped jacket and i came home with a nautical knitted dress and stripy red cardigan made of organically grown cotton and a pair of bright yellow butterfly earrings...

aurelie's birth-picnic-day was the nicest conclusion to a wonderful, if physically tiring, weekend. monica got completely fascinated by aurelie's french charm and quirky look and so grateful for her efforts to communicate in italian to her; so many people turned up and everybody looked chilled and good spirited. steve and mirco never stopped playing while i never stopped chit-chatting.............

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