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Friday, 16 March 2007

till kingdom come

in the usual london fashion, at 13C, people are starting stripping themselves out in flip flps and t-shirts. it is shiny okay, but not that tropical ... any-waaay ... this morning, while coming to work and enjoying the sun, i was listening to till kingdom come, my morning signature song, or music obsession, as you prefer. this time i concentrated more on the lyrics than on the rythm and realised that it is a mystical song (surprise surprise) with a double (or triple) significance: *you* can be either a woman... or (a) god, or, in a more flattering way, a woman seen as a goddess... i ignore the context in which this lyrics was conceived, but i can read in it many clear christian images and metaphors which i attempted to dissect below:

~"My time has come" / "Until my day, my day is done" = death.
~"Unlock the door" = san peter's door of paradise.
~"wheels just keep on turning" = the circular shape of the wheel in movement is in the christian tradition symbol of eternity and infinite love.
~"I don’t know which way I’m going / I don’t know which way I’ve come" = the root question of all philosophies.
~"For you I’ve waited all these years" = faith and hope to be saved.
~"For you I’d wait till kingdom come" = reign of christ or reino coeli (see matthew's gospel).
~"You'll come and set me free" = god seen in terms of dantesque freedom (which is different from the free will).
~"Blood" = blood of christ.

another detail to back up my interpretation is that it is in second person and there is no hint that it is actually a female *you*.
was it granted and obvious? or too contrieved that Cris M. would cringe at my analysis? in either case, this is just an example of the hundred reading keys this song has to offer… amen.

on another note, i can't believe they have done only four albums, two of which (talk and a rush Of blood to the head) i do not even know... not yet. i have been frantically looking for their concert, in the hope that they will perform in one of the UK summer events, but still nothing. they are busy touring in south america at the moment.

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