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Sunday, 11 March 2007

cold mountain

Writing Credits
Charles Frazier (book)
Anthony Minghella (screenplay)

Tagline: Find your way home
year: 2003


Jude Law ... Inman

Nicole Kidman ... Ada Monroe

Renée Zellweger ... Ruby Thewes

Eileen Atkins ... Maddy

Brendan Gleeson ... Stobrod Thewes

Philip Seymour Hoffman ... Reverend Veasey

Natalie Portman ... Sara

(c) imdb

when at home, i decided to watch cold mountain, which despite
starring an impressive cast (see above), did not impress me much. although the couple kidman-law ensured two sexy moments (shame that nicole kidman is killing her beauty with botox), the film was to me rather aloof, cold indeed. the only scene which manged to move my emotional self was the very last in which the survivals keep going with their lives no matter what, retaining their dignity and persistance. Renée Zellweger delivered an expectedly good perfomance. these strong-headed mountain girl did not even vaguely remind the bridget jones actress. and this is a great compliment! only later i realised that she got an oscar for the best supporting role.

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