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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

keep it up

i am not sure that my look was better five years ago than it is now, but for sure at the time i used to be more "polished", often impeccable and more sophisticated. my lips were always carefully designed and coloured, my complexion moisturised and tanned (or *whitened* and velvety, depending on the season, fashion and mood). i sometimes used to receive criticism for the strong lipsticks i used to sport but that was my personality statement and felt comfy in those bright or dark colours.

year on year my look has relaxed and got more natural. it definitely suits more the 30 year old person i am, but for the exact reason that i am getting older i believe i should take more care of myself, inside and out.

all this preamble, to say that, after getting a proper haircut in february (you can vaguely detect it from the *film strip* on the right column), i bought some new make up (including a bright red lipstick to be used rigorously for a night out); a bright lime sixtes jacket accessorised with a fucsia patent leather (plastic) evening bag (all for the bargain amount of £17!); and i decided to colour my hair DIY! i used to be quite an expert in experimenting with colours until i decided i could no longer afford the risk of spending a fortune to fix my infamous *artefacts* and i put my head into my trusted (italian) hairdressers' hands, which meant getting (great) colours only three times a year.

today i chose a conditioning colour without ammonia (casting creme gloss) in a coppery tone (*amber*). it was easy enough to apply, and lofty helped me rinse and massage it. the result was quite satisfactory: no orangy colours which i was fearing on my blonde highlights, no patches and, above all, no wig effect but a gentle and discreet coverage with nice reflexes, which i am going to enhance with aveda madder root color conditioner (a fabolous product, natural and effective).

i'll show you everything, promise, but not tonight, please. my eyes are too tired.

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