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Saturday, 4 November 2006

Breakfast with Celebs

Perhaps this is just one of the *advantages* of living in a big capital, but over the last month I happened to bump more or less accidentally into the so-called Very Important People.
First, I went to see Keven Spacey at the Old Vic and met him after the show for an autograph on the script; O'Neill's A moon for the Misbegotten, and a bonus smile.

A the Frieze Art Fair, which offered miles of contemporary art displayed by the biggest art galleries in the world, I bumped into Zadie Smith, wandering around in all her splendour, and into the YBA Tracey Smith.

On Thursday 2 November the screening of Babel concluded the London Film Festival. After watching the Bulgarian film, Monkey in Winter and passively participated to the post-film debate with its director and producer, my LFF was coroneted by Michele Placido's last film: Romanzo Criminale, chronicling one of the most interesting and shocking political period of Italian history since the war, which I particularly enjoyed for the shocking plot, for Kim Rossi Stuart, Pierfrancesco Favino and Claudio Santamaria's interpretations (see photo below), but certainly not for the appalling actresses' acting. Anyway, half way through the film Valentina and I realised to have sat next to the director! I hope he did not mind too much our whispered commentini... : )

Unfortunately they were not at the cinema.

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