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Sunday, 6 November 2005

Grace Solero

Friday night 4 Nov 2005 -- Metro Club, London -- Grace Solero
It was the first time I heard her singing. Some weeks before we were sitting in a Brazilian bar in Camden, and Grace was trying to describe me her music. It is incredibly hard for artists to inscribe their art into categories, and, without exceptions, she was reluctant to. But, as an ignorant profane of the music world and a pedantic scholar, I needed come kind of definition, a value meter to figure her genre out. Francesca came in help and summarised it with “it's kind of melodic rock. She has got a beautiful voice”. A vague definition, but fair enough.

And then the gig. She was energetic, deeply involved and yes, her voice was beautiful, melodic and, I would add, her songs incredibly rhythmic. They invited me dancing even though I was a novice. I particularly liked the songs with her acoustic guitar where her voice emerged clearer. She is actually having an acoustic performance in December. Sadly, I can’t go that night.

Lofty gambled defining her music a cross between Skunk Anensie (for the style) and Echobelly for the voice. I think I have to listen to her again, and again, and possibly to have another chat with her before expressing any sort of critique.

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