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Saturday, 22 October 2005

Two domestic returns: Celentano & Benigni

I haven't seen either the film or the TV programme, but I am pleased to finally see two friendly faces on the Italian media. I hope to see the film at Xmas in Italy. As for the telly show, my dad recently bought a DVD recorder (brilliant purchase) and has been recording for me all the television programmes he reckons interesting, including Celentano's show (nice one). At home I have satellite and digital TV. Still, for some obscure reason, I am unable to watch Italian channels. And, although the Italian television is, together with the Spanish one, the trashest of Europe, I am missing out a lot about my country's pop culture in its positive and negative aspects. So, this is a good opportunity to watch with some delay what 11.5 million viewers have been *enjoying*. I have not heard many critics about the two releases, I know that Benigni's film is the story of a man falling in love with a lady and following her to Baghdad at the outburst of the war... Celentano, famous singer from the '60s/'70s and actor in many Italian comedies in the '80s, used to run some popular music/political programmes in the '90s and then withdrew from the screen until now. He is known for his provokative statements and for his theatrical silences. As soon as I receive the DVD (hopefully next week), I will be able to tell more about the matter. After the semi-flop of Pinocchio, expectations are mounting over Roberto Benigni’s new film, La Tigre e la neve (The Tiger and the Snow), which will go on release (800 copies) in Italian cinemas on 14 October. At the press conference after the showing of the film, the gag-cracking comedian made this intriguing declaration of intent. “My film isn’t feelgood liberal because it’s not ideological. I wanted to go to the heart of the war, which is more dangerous and harder because it forces its way into souls and consciences. The film is ferocious, not feelgood”, he stressed at the end of the press premiere, where La Tigre e la neve was greeted by tepid applause. By The first edition of RockPolitik, the new television show presented by singer Adriano Celentano, was seen by 11.5 million viewers, for an audience share of 47 per cent. During the evening, the star attacked Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Fabrizio del Noce, the director of the RAIUno network, which broadcasts the show. by


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