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Sunday, 23 October 2005

Sunday Log: home sweet home

Home sweet home--I haven't left this place for two days, except for a pop into the supermarket yesterday morning, and, for a change, I don't feel bored or restless at all. I feel I made a good used of my domestic time. I really needed some time with myself and the discreet & supportive presence of my partner. First of all, I organised my hectic coming week at work. On Friday afternoon I stayed in the office till 7pm and felt all the stress of the week on my shoulders. I got into a kind of inner panic. In that moment I resolved I needed take it easy, trying to regenerate my spirits and come up with a careful working plan for the week ahead. I have probably mentioned this before, but I have to publish three books between November and December (plus a number of releases), and one of them is an over 3500 pages title. I feel all the pressure of the overcoming deadlines.

I spent time reading The Art of Happiness, other people's blogs, films reviews about the London Film Festival and I am finishing the Da Vinci Code; I worked on my blog; had a nice chat with my Parissienne friend and texted some more friends; I did *Spring cleaning*; underwent a couple of beauty rituals; ; and finally made the change of wardrobe for the winter--it was definitely time to dig up the warmest coat from the back of my cupboard. I even studied a bit of Spanish, although I have still to write a composition which I am going to do after publishing this post and while Mr. Lofty is intent preparing dinner. I also watched two films: When Henry Met Sally, again after many many years, and at last, but not least, the Big Sleep *open credits to closing credits* after two previous failed attempts (I fell asleep the first time and I was too distracted the second time).

This is the first film I watch with critical and aware eye starring Lauren Bacall and the second film with Humphrey Bogard (the first being the Maltese Falcon). I mean, I have seen LB & HB many times on the screen but I can't recall one film, except vaguely the comedy How to Marry a Millionaire--and, as all the pre-2002 films I watched, I did it in Italian, which is another story. I enjoyed this film: I found Bogard’s performance wicked in his own style and Bacall stunning. I was just happy of being transposed for two hours into a ‘40s detective story and following Bogart through this complex net of complots. LovelySalome wrote an acute review about it, to which I draw your attention for a more complete picture, since she has been following the couple for a while. I share her *taste* about The Big Sleep: there was no romance there (Bogart flirted more with the other beauties he occasionally bumped into than with HER), and this was a shame. The two characters seemed to be both endowed with a fierce and conceited personality which prevented any sugary love story. Something I haven't done at all this weekend: cooking. But I still feel somehow revamped and ready to face another Monday early wake up... At least I hope so.

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