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Monday, 31 October 2005

Happy Birthday, Trevor!

Resume of this past weekend I spent Friday at home complaining about how busy I am at work, and I finally finished the Da Vinci Code. Saturday I lazed around the flat till 5pm when we headed off to Surrey for Steve’s dad’s 60th birthday. It was a nice night of food, booze and chats. Steve and I were the youngest and therefore the the olders' (than us) centre of the attention. [At least, I am still the youngest at parties, sometimes!] Lovely people. Every conversation started with questions (theirs) and answers (mine) about Italy and ended up with amazing travel reports (theirs) around the globe. People in Italy do not travel as much as in this country, especially *mature* people. This aspect still--after three years and seven months I have been living in UK--amazes me. Steve’s dad got many presents, including loads of alcohol, a water machine, a cool DVD recorder (from us*) and an Italian learning CD (wrong person?). I was completely unaware of his desire of learning Italian—and so he was. Very embarrassing when he and someone else thought that I did buy it for him, which I did not. How presumptuous would it be? Finally, Steve gave a mini-speech in his dad’s honour which was a bit clumsy (because unpreapared) but really sweet. He mentioned all his father's holy patience, challenged all the way through Steve's adolescence, and everybody in the background was echoing his words with a *Oh, yes, poor Trevor* -- quite amusing. Apologies in advance if someone finds this phrase annoying, but 'public speaking is sooooo English' (maybe also American?), a bizarrely formal habit which I am still (after three years and seven months) not used to. I tentatively tried to emulate it in a couple of occasions with my Italian friends, and they all laughed at me (rather than laughing for what incredibly amusing I was saying).

The weekend proceeded in a quite relaxed way with me working on Sunday in order to ease the burden of this coming week. Well thought, but how sad.

* Linda, Lindsey, Keven, Juliette, Ilsa, Steve & I.

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Reckless Monkey said...

Italian's gives speeches, it's another excuse to talk after all! It was a good night though, and i hadn't prepared a speech because mum had only informed me of my role about 5 minutes prior to me having to do it.

Giving the same answers (job/work/future/italian) over and over again got fairly tedious, but it was still good to see some old faces.

And Silvia did well in strange surroundings coping with all the interogations!