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Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Fruit Loop

Self development update: I have just had my fifth class of Spanish. I am half way through my intermediate course already! I have learnt quite a bit because I have never missed a class since I feel at my perfect ease during the class and the teacher is lovely. Today, for example, she offered us a tasty hand made chocolate cake. How sweet! But it is a matter of fact that I could have learnt more, had I studied at home a bit more seriously. Nothing is lost yet though. I have still five classes to go and over one month to make my lacunas up. BTW, Lofty, to keep me quite, plays Play Station in Spanish thinking that I won't complain in this way. How wrong he is! He has now passed on *offending* me by saying that learning Spanish for me is like learning American for him. :o ( [Maybe he is not so wrong considering his attitude towards foreign languages.]

Look update: I have decided: I want to get my hair cut and colour changed. How? Well, I took inspiration from the glam Sex and the City, and I came out with this mixed solution: colour á la Carrie Bradshaw season 6 and haircut á la Carrie Bradshaw season 5:

Now I just need Fatrobot’s help to mingle the two images into one and replace Sarah Jessica’s face with mine. Fatrobot, are you reading me?

Work update: Yesterday I got a threatening email from one of my authors being very upset because he discovered that the content of his chapter had been altered without being informed and wrong information and references had been inserted. Panic. The funny thing was that he thought that I had changed it, which I didn't, as if I am an expert on *Torts*, which of course I am not. What I do is checking the grammar, spelling, paragraphing, footnotes, etc. but I do not certainly move words around or add content. The mystery was solved when the main author admitted that he did change the chapter and failed to inform his colleague. It was a bit rude by him (the contributor) to address the email to me AND copy all the other contributors + general editors in. But he did make the gaffe. Boohh. So, Eggs on his face! [I learnt this new phrase today.] This morning I found a long apologetic email from the main author giving a double-sided version of the story to somehow absolving himself. A typical letter from a proper lawyer. I am tempted to post it here, but it is better not to risk to be accused of a tort. :o )

Taste update: I have realised that I enjoy trash television more than I thought. Two Pints of Beer and a Packet of Crisps (the title is all a programme in itself--my friend said) makes me laugh heartily. I have been blamed for watching it, and Lofty thinks I am becoming a fruit loop (other expression recently learnt), but I can't help it, it entertains me, especially Johnny (fourth from the left in the photo below): a child in the body of a man. I admit, the episodes are silly, incoherent and repetitive, and the characters are more tokens than human beings. I started watching it because I found the background interesting: it is placed somewhere in the north of England and the characters, typical working class youths, have a strong northern accent which I find very funny, plus the script plays ironically and amiably with the commonplaces about their social class. Any way, I think that the important is to watch these kind of sitcoms with irony, detachment and enjoyment for what they are, without taking them too seriously. So maybe I shouldn't even make a too big issue (and a post) about them.


carrie_lofty said...

On the hair idea - which is which? Long hair dyed blonde? Or short hair dyed brown?

Mircalla said...

It's not very clear, is it?

I meant short hair (season 5), dyed brown with some blond flashes (season 6). ;o )

fatrobot said...

hair colour is a pain in the ass to do
but i did it anyway
its not very good

fatrobot said...

and i hate that show
'cept for brooke from melrose place or whatever her name is

Mircalla said...

That's good. Thanks.
But I was expecting my face in the pic.

Who's Brooke from Melroce Place. That one is another series which turned into a grottesque black comedy.

carrie_lofty said...

Desperate Housewives, right? I didn't watch Melrose.

Mircalla said...

Marcia Cross was both in Melrose Place (as Kimberly) and Desperate Housewives (as Bree).
I used to watch the former, but stopped when it was becoming a bit mental. Eapecially MC turned into a sort of psycho.