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Friday, 16 September 2005

Working from home

Hi Guys Today I am working from home. I feel a bit like being back at uni, spending the day in my pijamas with tons of books to read and absorb. And I quite like this sensation, but I really have to organise well my time. At uni I used to plan nearly every minute of my day, especially when the frightening (oral) exam was approaching. We (rarely just me; some times Katia, Laura and I; other times Katia, Laura, Arianna, Federica and I; more often just Katia and I) used to write down a time table like: from 4 to 4.30pm read three sonnets. From 4.30 to 5.30pm read the commentary. From 5.30 to 9pm (!) revise the monographic course. And so on until 1am, interrupted by many hedonistic breaks. Three days before the exam the time schedule would be like: 4 to 5pm revise Reneissance (all of it!), from 5 to 6 pm revise Lost Paradise by Milton (all of it!), from 6 to 7pm revise Virginia Wolf (all of her!) ... And so on. And so forth. An almost titanic enterprise--which I have modestly to admit--was always fruitful. ;o ) I used to feel all the adrenaline while repeating aloud in 3 hours, at the light speed, the key concepts of the whole programme. Today, of course, it is a bit different. First of all, I am inevitably alone. Well, I have the blog to keep me company, hence all of you. But the book I am reading is about *Torts*... so nothing to do with Shalespeare or the Medieval mystic women... And this time I have to copy-edit the book, which always implies an interpretation, but my power of copy-editor is really limited in terms of content. Something is very similar: the very limited amount of time I have to accomplish the job... Gosh... It's already 10am. I have to get on with it, and I have to keep in mind that this is is NOT time off work... Off I go. More later X Lunch time I popped outside at lunch time. it is incredible how many people do not work in this city. I have met people of all ages and sex out there. Okay it was lunch time for everybody, but most of those people were there shopping, hanging around without any rush or suit or air of going back to work afterwards... Ver strange. Maybe is because I live in an area with loads of people living on benefits and having the privilege of enjoying the sun of this Friday afternoon. 4.30pm Working from home is great. The job I am doing is exactly what our freelancers do from their homes. This is a good opportunity for me to see if this working mode suits my persona. Verdict: I quite like it even though I wouldn't do it full time. Our freelancers are usually well paid--some times even too much for their (poor) performance-- but deadlines are always like ashes hanging over their heads and it is ultimately a bit mono-tone. But I would consider the possibility of becoming a freelancer in an indefinite future. In my sector it is even possible to work from home as a publishing editor, and this latter option is even more appealing for me, because I prefer to do research and decide what to publish rather than publishing what it has been already decided, which is what I am doing now, and--don't misunderstand me--already love. Here you go, so you know now what I do for living and won't ask me any more:-"What does being an editor mean?" I have just told you and in the most synthetic way possible. Time flies. Better finish off the chapter and get ready for the Surrey adventure. Have a great weekend.


carrie_lofty said...

Hope you have a good day. Nothing else constructive to say :)

We're going to the library for storytime today, and then to the park later this afternoon. In between will be work to get the place looking nice for the weekend, and more domestic chores like making bread and dinner.

You enjoy your time alone (for my sake) and I'll enjoy my time with the girls (for your sake). Ciao bella!

Mircalla said...

Ciao Lovely

I like this reciprcal support... :o )

I hope you enjoy this Friday with the girls, too. Where is Keven?

You need to give us your bread recepe. We tried once and it went literally pear shaped. We tried again and it was better but not perfect yet. What is the secret for a crunchy outdside and soft inside tasty bread?

Au revoir

rando said...

hi silvia ,
just i want to say hello and i hope evey thing is going well with you.