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I don't believe in morality, but I believe in ethical conduct as set out by His Holiness the Dalai Lama: "Ethical conduct = a way of behaving that respects others’ right to be happy".

Thursday, 22 September 2005

Why a blog?

After a month or so I inaugurated the new version of my blog, I have had the time to think of the reasons why I decided to create a *web diary*. I found seven motives so far: The first reason is because I am born to share. As an only child, I have always suffered from loneliness and always looked for company. I have spent many time crying in my bed and repeating endlessly: "I want company I want company..." Useless... My complaining prayers were unheard because I have remained an only child. But friends were always welcome to stay in my house. To demonstrate this, my parents bought me a lovely double bedroom with two single beds. I agree with the nice portrait that Haruki Murakami gives aout only-children's generosity against the common belief that only-children are spoilt and selfish. Not true. Believe me. As far as my things are treated with respect and care, I am happy to lend (almost) all my wardrobe. ;o ) Second reason: *life as a theatre*. The blog is a powerful tool to giving me the opportunity to shape my life as I fancy and to drive other people's perception about me. Third reason: I use the blog as a memorandum of things I would like to do, read, learn, of places I would like to visit, people I would like to meet, books I would like to own, etc. Fourth reason: It is also an archive of my life--as stated in the title and, of course, a personal diary to reflect about everything I feel worth to discuss. Fifth reason: To record my life and its evolution or involution. [This will be an interesting point to rediscuss in, say, ten years time.] Sixth reason: I am truly interesting in biographies. And a blog, at different levels, is real life. At least in principle. Seventh reason: To have the illusion of communicating with all of you, even though not many of you will ever read my posts. This brings to my first reason: the need of feeling myself part of a community, especially now that many of my friends and family are so far, yet so close--as Amica Achmatova always reiterates. More (practical) reasons: To keep my brain active, develop my writing skills, and as a therapeutical excercise. One thing I promise: with the time and practice I promise to render my blog increasingly more *theatrical* and less self-indulgent or self-referencial, like a platform staging posts disguised in a fictional rob, conveying therefore a more universal message. In other words, I hope to turn from the author to the narrator of it...


carrie_lofty said...

Another valuable reason - to keep close to those who are (physically) far away :)

Mircalla said...

I also found a sad reason. I think that the way of communicating is drastically changing--think of the sms and mobile phone phenomenon which has changed the mode of communicating on a daily basis for arranging meetings, giving excuses, etc. The blog is maybe an alternative safer way of discussing, speculating and arguing about the most diverse topics avoiding direct confrontation?