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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Fashion Duet :: Mikli & Tibi

I had an eye test yesterday and was recommended to wear prescription glasses more often, especially when working on the computer. I own a pair of Philippe Stark for Mikli frames, and I love them to pieces but not as much as my first Alain Mikli pair. Both of them were/are red, in acetate and bold. I am now thinking of getting a new pair. I would like to say, this time I will go for a lighter model, but I always end up  lusting over statement frames. Not only. My interest is always drawn back to the Mikli brand. A long standing love affair. I fully convene with their philosophy that spectacles are to see and be seen, and Alain Mikli frames are works of art: handmade and sturdy, they can look retro or futuristic; bold in look and light in feel {thanks to a clever balancing system}; and always, always larger than life.

They are so glam that can be easily paired up with the most flattering dresses. I LOVE Tibi Spring collection and would very happily wear these floaty dresses with my bold Alain Miklis.

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