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Thursday, 14 January 2010


I am not at ease with the phrase *yoga fashion* because it can be perceived as an oxymoron. Fashion is, alas, very often associated with appearance, stardom and superficiality, all principles antipodean to the yoga values. But for me style is the exploration of a mood and the playful experimentations of alternative dimensions of life; in other words, a form of art, in the same way the art of yoga is an exploration of our body and mind's potentials as organic beings. 

One of my fashion principles is that clothes should flatter your shapes and  caress your skin, and you should always feel good in them. I therefore swap too tight models and synthetic fibres for organic fabrics and comfy, loose garments. When doing yoga, I like practising in one-piece outfits as they do not show an inch of my belly in upside-down asanas and I just forget I am wearing one.

Shakti Activewear unitards are a great discovery as they keep my curves in place, allow fluidity of movement without getting in the way and look sassy. You can shop  them online or check the retail list here. In London some models are sold at Bikram Centre's shops.

Prancing Leopard is a newly launched yoga clothing company designing funky styles with organic cotton. The company also supports local women's communities around the world and the Snow Leopard Trust. 

Their jumpsuit collection is delicious - whimsical and comfy at the same time. Sadly, they only sell for the US market and to date I haven't been able to find a stockist in Europe. 

Finally, this pair of post-yoga pants by Yoga Fashion are great to walk out of my yoga centre in style and freedom. I love the harem style in all its variants. Have you noticed the white body painting on the model's belly? How hippie!

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