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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Beauty :: Nails Inc.

I have always considered manicure an indulgence as the effects are usually short-lived. I have had two manicures in my life, both average: the first was a present from my then boyfriend and the second was in my wedding's eve. In both occasions I went for a neutral colour. Inspired by my cousin I decided to try acrylic nails and booked an appointment with Nails Inc, admittedly the only beauty lounge I could think of. I was a bit nervous about the uncomfortable feeling of having glue stuck upon my nails and didn't want to end up wearing those witch-like nails, always too tick and too squared, or, even worse, those unnatural French. So, I pre-warned my beautician that I wanted something natural and practical because I needed to use my hands a lot with yoga. She had the right solution for me. Instead of applying fake nails, she suggested a three-week manicure with two coats of  organic gel and two coats of semi-permanent paint. I was overly pleased with the results. The only negative comment was that she didn't massage and moisturise my hands, but she did a thorough job on the nails and cuticles. I had them cut short and squared with rounded corners, and polished plum - very elegant indeed. And, more importantly, they look  strong, full of body and shiny. You can also choose a natural shade and then varnish it according to your mood. The nail polish remover won't remove the base paint. The real plus is that the varnish will stay for at least three weeks without chipping. Wow. Let's live and see. 
Photos from Fabsugar and Nails Inc.


so Kiara said...

If you don't mind me asking, was the treatment very expensive?
About colour choices, I always go for the boldest: my nails are either black or red (preferably dark)

Amicacarmilla said...

Of course not. It's not cheap: £50. BUT if you get the loyalty card and pay for three sessions you get the fourth for free, which works out £37.50.

You also have to pay £10 for removing the paint.

This covers you for about four months.

What do you think?

I think it is worth if it stays impeccable and doesn't chip for a month. So far so good. Let's see...